Team Spotlight: Yvette Ylagan

Meet Yvette, our Director of Operations, and fierce advocate of our collaborative work environment.

We are committed to Inclusion, Diversity, Equality and Access. Which aspect of our purpose do you most identify with?

I have always believed in the “no one left behind” policy, I would say I identify most with Inclusion. As companies navigate with the concept of hybrid work environment it is even more important that leaders not only successfully manage day to day operations but to be able to meaningfully connect with each member and unify the team in an effective and considerate manner. I am an advocate of a collaborative work environment as not only does it provide insight to various members skill and experience, but it creates a fun environment while watching positive results unfold.

Who inspired you to pursue the career you have today?
My dad has been my inspiration and role model throughout my career. At an early age, I have watched him genuinely enjoy the work that he does which motivated everyone around him, while maintaining his professional integrity and providing thoughtful decisions. The ability to lead by example is an important skill which I strive to apply in my daily role.

What’s the best advice you can give to someone who just started their career in this industry?
Do not be afraid to make a mistake just don’t forget to learn from them.

What is your favorite productivity hack?
My favorite productivity hacks are:
1) organizing/decluttering both physical and digital workspace and
2) not checking work emails as soon as I wake up.

The worst habit I developed at the inception of my career was placing a self-imposed habit to constantly check emails, in addition to an uncontrollable penchant for collecting knickknacks as desk displays. As soon as I was able to recognize and remove unnecessary distractions, I found it simpler to prioritize my tasks, organize my thoughts, and overcame the feeling of anxiety as I started my day.

Tell me something about you that most people don’t know. 
During off hours you can find me at home, binge-watching reality TV shows.

Yvette Ylagan, IDEA Law Group
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